Star Child (ebook)

Star Child (ebook)

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Star Child, written in a fairy tale genre similar to The Little Prince and The Alchemist is a book for young and mature adults. It explores in a simple and poetic way the challenges facing two “star children,” Terra and Marius, on their journey to learn about being human. Set in a faraway time and place, they confront the same problems of modern humans: fear, loneliness, the need to please, and the stigma of showing their true selves when they do not fit in with those around them. Betraying their own hearts, each gives up or misuses the very things that make them unique. On their magical journey to find themselves and each other, they encounter wise teachers in the creatures of the sea and earth, the trees of the forest, and the elders of their world. EXCERPTS EARTH She stood in the waving green meadow and took it all in: the stalks of grass moving in the curved palm of the wind; the gentle hum of a wayward bee easing first away, then closer to touch her; the amber of the sun's bright globe painting her face and arms; the taste of lavender in the air slipping past her lips and melting on her tongue. And she felt such joy that every part of her being filled up, and being filled, welled over as tears. The star child had planted herself in this earth meadow seven winters earlier, the soul-seed of a dying star burning its path through a midnight sky. Only the sparrows and cottontails, fooled from their sleep by the brilliant light, witnessed the last hiss of steam and the fading glow of the crystal as it slipped beneath the silver snow carpet. The child tugged her feet from the grip of the moist earth. Her skin was translucent, like the pale roots of a plant. The blue lines of her veins decorated her wrists and arms and at her temple where her red hair began its twisting journey to her waist. Meadow flowers circled her head and trailed down each shoulder.

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