Sacred Wisdom Of The Planets (ebook)

Sacred Wisdom Of The Planets (ebook)

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The Sacred Wisdom of the Planets presents beautiful astrological illustrations created by award winning Dutch artist Pieter Weltevrede. His powerful images are a reflection of the wisdom of ancient Indian sages as taught to him over decades by the late temple artist and Tantric scholar Harish Johari. Pieter's vibrant art can be used as a meditative path that leads to an understanding the planets on a level that extends beyond words. Kooch Daniels, the author, also studied with Johari, who thoughtfully explained the meaning of the planets in relation to the gods venerated in the Vedic tradition. His enlightening talks on the energies of the celestial spheres inspired her to write the text to accompany Pieter's art that depicts the seven planets known in ancient times and two nodes of the moon. Her perspectives, gathered from a lifetime of mystical studies, are a blend of traditions relating to both Vedic and Western times. The combined perspectives of the artist and the author show the zodiac's activating powers that influence and underlie the astral blueprint of existence. When looked at symbolically, these planets can become bridges to finding a sacred path to our divine inheritance. When looked at on mythic levels they become a means to uncover insights lost beneath logic. Learning about the energies associated with the planets allows you to dive into the known and unknown recesses of the psyche and better understand human dynamics. This book outlines the most important elements connected with the planets. It includes an essential keyword start guide to help you quickly build your planetary vocabulary. Also, it provides thought provoking questions that are beneficial in guiding you to reflect on your own personal relationship with the planets. The vibrant art combined with mystical and worldly interpretations create a timeless, unique resource to help expand your understanding of the zodiac.

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Sacred Wisdom Of The Planets (ebook)


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