Presidential Ideas (ebook)

Presidential Ideas (ebook)

Dan Foster
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Its now 2012, president Obama is in office and his presidential race is officially on as Mitt Romney won the republican nomination. Over the past few years, many friends have sent me emails regarding the problems with the United States government and possible suggestions to fix them. As we all know, there are a lot of problems with the government as it is. Some of these emails were sent just to be funny but many of them made a lot of sense. Some of the writings here are from my own beliefs and are sure to rattle a lot of peoples feathers. I don't care. If I believe it would benefit the United States, then I'm for it. It seems like an impossible task for any one man or women to fix the mess that many of our past and present government leaders created. Maybe if we were to all pitch in a little and team up a lot, we could realize more results. So this ebook is me pitching in a little, my ideas. It's all I got …….. because I'm broke. It's hard to believe some of the things that are going on in our government today, sometimes you just have to take a step back and say wtf were you guys thinking? Now I can't say for sure, because I've never been on that side of the fence, but I believe that if I were handling any end of United States government's affairs for the people, that would be the most important thing to me in my life. And any amount of money that anyone would attempt bribe me with to do otherwise would just not change my feelings. I'm of course speaking of lobbyists bribing politicians. This is my country, I don't know any other country, I don't want to live in any other country and I certainly don't want millions of fellow Americans pissed off at me or disappointed in me for being greedy. Our United States senators and congressmen make a lot of money and enjoy the best health care packages available, you would think they would be content with that, but noooooooo. They want mo money, mo money, mo money.

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