Resumes And Cover Letters For Military To Civilian Career Transitions (ebook)

Resumes And Cover Letters For Military To Civilian Career Transitions (ebook)

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Every month more than 15,000 men and women make the move from military to civilian life. In an economy where there is a large displaced workforce and a shrinking number of jobs, veterans can benefit from sound advice that makes the most of their experience and points the way to fulfillment and success in the private sector. Today's business environment is dynamic, fast changing and beset by challenges on all sides. In this environment, employers are looking for problem-solvers, and those who market themselves effectively have the edge. Your resume is the single most important marketing tool you have. But it's also likely to be the one thing that's causing you sleepless nights. You may have even gone so far as to attempt a rewrite, but find yourself struck with analysis paralysis. Your career search is a self-marketing campaign, but how do you translate the skills and talents you've built through your years in the military into language that a civilian employer can understand and appreciate? This may be quite a shift from the mission-driven culture of the military. But a clear and consistent orientation focus on sales and customer is a key factor in any successful business today. Resumes and Cover Letters for Military to Civilian Career Transitions covers the most important topics you will need to master in order to create a military to civilian career change resume that attracts attention and job offers. These topics include: • Rethinking the resume • What is an effective resume? • Resume writing tips • Resume Formats: Chronological or Functional? • The Self-Marketing Approach to Cover Letters The book also includes sample resumes that show you exactly how to showcase your military qualifications and experience to your best advantage. We'll also discuss how to format your resume to attract attention and how “buzzwords” play an important role in resume and cover letter writing.

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