Miracles From Heaven (ebook)

Miracles From Heaven (ebook)

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Miracles from Heaven is an account of many supernatural miracles sent from heaven to inspire us to believe in Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the power of the Holy Spirit. This is a collection of the greatest miracles in the history of the Catholic Church since the Bible. The stories were obtained from the original diaries of the people involved from Fatima, Portugal; Conyers, Georgia; Medjugorje, Bosnia Herzgovina and Lourdes, France, plus other personal miracle stories. From the children of Fatima, Jacinta, Lucia and Francisco, the appearance of the Virgin Mary on the thirteenth of the month in the hills of Fatima while they were tending their sheep is thrilling and filled with suspense. Their parents didn't believe them and punished them. The Magistrate threatened them with death, but they never changed their story. Thousands of people witnessed the miracules supernatural signs given as proof from the Virgin Mary. History has continued to inspire pilgrims to visit the sacred site in Portugal. In the small town of Conyers, Georgia, the Virgin Mary appeared to Nancy Fowler on the Thirteenth of the month for almost ten years. News of the miracles traveled world wide and as many as 50 thousand visitors from all races, creeds and locations arrived to witness the appearance of the apparition of the Virgin Mary every month. Some showed pictures taken of the sky where a door appears. Is this the door into Heaven? Others tell of personal healings. Others tell of supernatural visions in the sky. All are inspired to return the next month. In the small town of Medjugorje, Bosnia Herzegovina, the Virgin Mary has appeared repeatedly to a group of young teens who were poor, uneducated and imperfect with human flaws since 1981. She displayed her miraculous supernatural phenomena to pilgrims who sought out the site and the teens. Many miracles occurred and the Holy Mother has given the visionaries ten secrets about Armageddon and judgment day.

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