Parents' Quick Start Recovery Guide (ebook)

Parents' Quick Start Recovery Guide (ebook)

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This eBook is a guide for parents who have either just discovered that their child has an eating disorder and are overwhelmed with knowing the right steps to take, or who have known for awhile but have been frustrated and dismayed in their attempts to find help that works. This guide will help you to quickly secure effective treatment for your son or daughter, and will likely save them from years of suffering from the devastating effects of anorexia, bulimia, and/or compulsive overeating. Additionally, in most cases your child can receive this help without having to enter an expensive inpatient eating disorder treatment program or spend years in costly counseling sessions. Why should you listen to me? Because I am a licensed clinical social worker with over twenty years of experience working with children and young adults with eating disorders. I have worked in inpatient and outpatient eating disorder treatment settings and know what works and what doesn't. My patients have a high recovery rate: most of my clients show significant improvement within three to six months of treatment, and most achieve full recovery from their eating disorder symptoms. I do not ostracize parents of these children by blaming them for their child's disorder; rather, I include them as an integral part of their child's treatment team, acting as a coach to help them get their child better fast. This guide will cover the five essential steps that you can and must take immediately in order to help your child get on the road to permanent recovery. It provides concrete tools that you can start using today to help your child, including checklists for interviewing potential members of your child's outpatient treatment team, warning signs about when to keep looking, and techniques you should use at home to accelerate your child's recovery. There is an informative question and answer section featuring questions asked by real parents of children with eating disorders.

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Parents' Quick Start Recovery Guide (ebook)


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