Bug Spray (ebook)

Bug Spray (ebook)

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This ebook goes into detail about the different kinds of insects there are, and how this natural but has a spiritual application to human nature. As a psychology major, I learned the function of the human brain and psyche. I know the effect of "classical" and "operant" conditioning. What is continued over long periods of time, will eventually become an acceptable occurance. Intervention is necessary when a learned behavior begins to have destructive consequences. I separate and describe individual pests, such as wasps and bees. These bugs are seen, and also make buzzing sounds. Then I compare these natural pests to their spiritual counterparts. The wasp and bee Burdens Undermining God's Sovereignty are seen and visible. They hide inside of family relationships, landlord/tenant relationships, boss/employee relationships, anything burden that is visible and audible. I illustrate that things which are seen are easier to handle, and can be treated with more specificity. But there are pests, like the termite and the mosquito. These are not seen or heard until they have taken blood from your body, or have eaten from the foundation of property. Likewise, the mosquito and the termite Burdens Undermining God's Sovereignty, assaults their victims unbeknownst to them. These are represented by memories of past traumas, phobias, addictions and disorders, etc.......When these bugs are undetected, more damage is done before there can be rescue. My acronym for SPRAY is Speak, Pull down, Rebuke, Anoint, and Yet praise. These repellent remedies are found in the Holy Scriptures. This ebook is enlightening without being preachy and dogmatic. It is intended to inspire, uplift, most of all, let the reader know that their issues are not rare and unusual. But addressing these issues in this fashion is rare and unusual. As I stated, using natural things to make spiritual applications. It's time to break out the BUG SPRAY!!!.

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