Hamptons Jenni (ebook)

Hamptons Jenni (ebook)

Jamie Bryant
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Meredith Wyatt. Trust fund baby. Incredibly rich. Incredibly good looking. Self-assured and in-charge. Manhattanite. Socialite. New Yorkus Nocturnus She and her friends went looking for love in all the usual places and always found all the wrong men. But one Girls Night Out, she found a new clue. She learned about the Power Exchange and now she's off on some wild adventures. Meredith has figured out a whole new way to play. Kinky, you bet. Ground breaking, you might say that. Brain melting sex, yeah, most definitely. Meredith knew her adventures weren't for everyone, but she was having the thrill of her lifetime. What really surprised her was how willing her friends were to go along with her ideas. After finding all the wrong men doing the traditional pinball-dating disasters, she did some basic scientific research. That was her first innovation, science in the service of love. Her next was to design technology to push her boundaries. I mean, what could go wrong with computer driven sex toys. Besides, who said science couldn't be fun. After all, there were more than just shades of gray to life and Meredith had found the way to add in all the colors of the rainbow. After that, her world never looked better. In this second book of the series, Meredith discovered she's not alone in her passions, or her obsessions. While her fortune lets her indulge her interests she found herself in an unlikely relationship with a new friend, a playmate, and a co-conspirator. And they're all the same sexy Jenni. What will they get up to next. Meredith knew the pitfalls of unsupervised computer programs and made sure none of those excursions happened to her Jenni. But it was more likely that Jenni would have caused the computer to melt down. Now Merri and Jen have become part of each others lives, empowering each other to go further, to be more than either alone thought they ever could be.

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Hamptons Jenni (ebook)


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