Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust (ebook)

Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust (ebook)

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Paul Bonin is a talented French artist living in Los Angeles. He travels to Central America to further challenge his creativity and inject a little adventure into his life. Paul meets a young research scientist, Ashley, while painting portraits in La Ceiba, Honduras. He sails with her to the Isle of Roatan and later joins her jungle expedition in Panama that is in search of the Golden Poison-Dart Frog. They fall in love, marry and she conducts her research on biotoxins at the John Hopkins Research Center while he paints portraits and runs an art studio. They get married on her sailboat at the Baltimore Inner Harbor in a very unique theme wedding. Their romantic and endearing love story ends with her unexpected and sudden passing. Paul Bonin and a local catholic priest are arrested for the kidnapping of Ashley from her hospital room and of her murder. The young artist gets past the kidnapping and murder charges but remains severely depressed. While shrouded in grief, Paul is approach by Elenor Bixby to create a portrait of her deceased husband with his cremated remains mixed into the paint. This portrait has an added dimension and Paul realizes that he has created a new art form – art that has a direct and deeply felt emotional connection with the viewer. Guided by the hand of fate, in Ashley's basement stuff Paul discovers a collection jar of the dreadfully deadly biotoxin of the golden frogs. After being mugged two times, Paul evolves into a vigilante and entombs several thugs and one of their victims into his portraits. The emotional response of intense fear, dread and hate induced by looking at these portraits is overpowering; causing viewers to look away in short order. But Paul wants more and explores other avenues for his novel art creations including couples engaged in lovemaking.

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