You Can'T Take A Fish Out Of Water (ebook)

You Can'T Take A Fish Out Of Water (ebook)

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This novel is based upon the worst act of vandalism that has ever occurred aboard a United States Navy warship – by its own crew. The storyline details the emotional climate aboard the ship, the events leading up to this act of vandalism, and the steps taken by the ship's officers and the Naval Investigative Service (now known as the naval Criminal Investigative Service or NCIS) to investigate and try to identify the perpetrators. The major subplot of this story revolves around young Ensign Billy Baker and his wife; neither of whom has any prior exposure to Navy "life at sea" and they find the experience very difficult to deal with. After Ensign Baker has been aboard the ship for awhile, it comes to the attention of the Navy that he has never signed his service contract - so he is not technically in the Navy. Subsequent to Ensign Baker being informed of the serious administrative oversight, he struggles with whether he wants to stay in the Navy. Insight is provided regarding the trials and tribulations of sea duty for the officers and crewmembers – the round the clock hours at sea and the routinely long hours when the ship is in port; standing watches; general quarters drills; helicoptor operations; military exercises; ship operations; maintaining and repairing equipment and systems; and cleaning the ship. The novel also explores the activities of the ship's wives, both when the ship is in homeport and, more interestingly, when the ship is at sea. All events that are depicted aboard the ship are factual and true, although the names have been changed to protect the innocent, the guilty, the inebriated, the ignorant and the promiscuous. The book contains extensive dialog.

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You Can'T Take A Fish Out Of Water (ebook)


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