Lonely Woman (ebook)

Lonely Woman (ebook)

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The book "Lonely Woman"…A Book of Poetry and Other Writings is about personal experiences, experiences beyond the realm of tangibility beyond the normal character of life the poetry and the art compliment eachother. This is a story in verse from a woman who is mystified by her own life. Her existence is material, but her psyche is worldly and in her thoughts, she lives between the two. Some say madness is her calling but she has defied the mundane and risen to articulate this sometimes-exciting experiential precipice into a riveting book of poetry, philosophy and life. She says "I am a woman and I love, feel pain and hurt, cry and experience happiness and joy the same as most other women." But I don't always have the same emotional experience when I have occasion to encounter these feelings as others do." She calls herself a hypersensitive person affected by the stresses of daily life and more, the more is what she writes about because she has maintained sanity throughout the ordeal. Feeling a deeper enlightenment in the worldly extent of human life is however a very eclectic and intellectual form of extrapolation. In other words she takes it as it comes and interactive action is dictated by her intellectual knowledge so if I don't know and there is nothing to explain it to her then she deals with the situation as best as she know how within her ethical boundaries that she can control and set. That is a rather limiting life stage but she manages somehow some way, and her discipline is positive reaction.

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Lonely Woman (ebook)


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