The Hunt For Moby Dick (Translated) (ebook)

The Hunt For Moby Dick (Translated) (ebook)

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The Hunt For Moby Dick It's the most readable Moby-Dick! A story of yesterday rewritten for today's reader. Brian G. Spare, PhD has abridged and updated mainly the narrative of Herman Melville's literary fiction classic Moby-Dick to bring to light the "romance of adventure" novel Melville first intended. Ishmael, a former school teacher from Manhattan, decides to go on a whaling voyage to shake off his discontent with life. On his way to Nantucket he meets a harpooner from the South Pacific named Queequeg. They become best of friends and together sign on for a three year whaling voyage aboard the Pequod. Weeks into the voyage, Captain Ahab emerges from seclusion in his cabin and announces to the crew his single-minded intent to hunt down and kill Moby Dick for maiming him. From Nantucket round the Tip of Africa to the Sea of Japan over the course of a year, Captain Ahab stalks his foe in a mad quest for vengeance on the White Whale. They meet other ships enroute giving them the latest news of Moby Dick. Finally in the Sea of Japan where Ahab's vengeance began, they encounter the White Whale and battle with him. Ahab realizes he can't achieve his aim, but his insane spite for Moby Dick impels him along with his ship and crew to their end save Ishmael who narrates the story. "... To the last I grapple with thee. From hell's heart I stab at thee. For hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee ... thou damned whale ..." Join in the excitement of this timeless epic. Become enthralled in this "romance of adventure". Board the Pequod as we set sail in The Hunt For Moby Dick.

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The Hunt For Moby Dick (Translated) (ebook)


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