All Four Won And One Moor (ebook)

All Four Won And One Moor (ebook)

Mark Blaise
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The Blaise has been a successful rock band for over five years, with Nazareth Blaise on the drums. They are about to play a tribute concert to raise money for a Princess in a country in Europe. Little do they know that the concert for the princess's charity will lead to the band's demise. As the mystery the princess brings with her unfolds on and off stage into chaos, each band member's vulnerabilities become apparent. The bass player, Hunter, is a sleep walker who does not understand his own history, the guitar player, Warren, is a drug user who cannot handle the stress of success, and our main character, the drummer, talks to ghosts who no one else can see. As the story continues, we travel back in time to a week when, miraculously, no one in the State of New Jersey has died. And Nazareth is sitting with his family and friends in his new home, enjoying his new wealth. Nazareth has brought a lot of past secrets into his family and his band. And tragedy is about to strike again, this time at the Jersey Shore, and it will effect everyone Nazareth loves. As the state finds out who is the first person to die in the past 96 hours, the characters get ready for life altering situations and feelings they cannot control. The story travels backwards again to when Nazareth and his band mates are very young and looking forward to a life of drugs, sex and rock and roll. They are discovering who they are and what it means to commit to this lifestyle. One band member will put the other band members in unintentional but continued danger, one will quit the band to pursue an extremely mysterious calling, and one will learn his craft of serial monogamy. Nazareth, for the first time, is about to learn what it really means to keep a secret; a bizarre secret that he plans to keep forever. The story contains many of the lyrics from their most famous songs, as well as information about The Blaise's historical musical significance.

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