Chasing Fate (ebook)

Chasing Fate (ebook)

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When Lorgi hatches, a seer divines fate from his shell: one day he will bring doom to his own kind, the Álukois (snowdragons). Rejecting prophecy, his mother tells Lorgi he has the power to create good luck. Abducted by a wicked sorcerer, stung by a deadly beast, and swept across the Continent by warring hordes, he fights to save new human friends. Barely surviving her own battle, his mother must put aside her disdain for hyúlems (lowland humans) in her quest to find Lorgi. Both dragons' struggles change the world. Some evils are turned to good. Mixing dragon strength with human ingenuity, Lorgi defeats an enemy that had been invincible to both! WHAT IT IS NOT! Not based on any other's work, my tale is not like Rowling, Tolkein, or other magic-driven works. No elves, trolls, goblins, "shadows" or wizards rule here, but cultures and creatures of my own design! Characters believe sorcery or fate cause outcomes, but it is really their own actions. Knowledge, cooperation, skill, brute force, and personal will brew surprising ends. Written mainly for adults, this story avoids gratuitous violence and profanity, yet is an action tale filled with battles large and small, across a culturally and racially diverse Continent. ROOTS This epic adventure fantasy takes place on "the Continent," with its own history, geography, cultures, and species. Collectively, the Yeti, Bigfoot and "Nessy" inspired the Álukois—not "stock" dragons. Even that word insults, meaning bandit or pirate in Álukop, their ancient, written language. Álukois love winter sports, star-gazing, socializing, feasting and beer! They are vegetarians, but ferocious in defending land, honor, truth and friends. THEMES The Story explores human behavior, especially from an Álukoi POV. Culture shock, moral dilemmas, prejudice, ignorance, adaptation, revolution, kindness and faith play throughout.

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Chasing Fate (ebook)


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