Hired 'Right' Out Of College - From Classes To Career (ebook)

Hired 'Right' Out Of College - From Classes To Career (ebook)

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Did you know that the majority of students switch majors two to three times during their college career? It’s true—and the majority of students will also spend six years in pursuit of a four-year degree. As they struggle to find their niche, they may be forced into additional semesters to make up for credits lost. Finding your niche through trial and error can be costly in time and money. Written for high school and college students, and packed with useful tips, worksheets, and advice (all in short, manageable doses!), Hired 'Right’ helps you establish a game plan early on in your college career. Instead of plunging blindly into a major (and career path) for the wrong reasons, try getting busy on the path to discovery . . . the path where you’ll just happen to bump into your gifts and aptitudes. Once you discover what you love to do and what you naturally do well, Hired 'Right’ will guide you as you narrow your focus and apply your newfound knowledge to your career decision-making process. Hired 'Right' also introduces you to Vanessa, a second-semester college sophomore who begins to panic at the prospect of being stuck on a path she doesn't enjoy. Fortunately, she meets the head of Career Services who sends her on a journey of self-discovery. And to her surprise, it’s actually fun! If you’re looking to discover or confirm what you should pursue, either in terms of career or course of study, Hired 'Right’ is right for you.

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