Accident Or Miracle 2nd Ed. (ebook)

Accident Or Miracle 2nd Ed. (ebook)

A Submitter
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The two parts of enslavement, when the Africans enslaved the Isrealites, God sent Moses with visual signs when the Egyptian were known for their pretty writing and flowery speech found in the tombs of Pharaoh and in the pyramid of ghosts, and then the second part, the whites enslave the black, and the Messiah son of David, wrote the history written by the victor, whereas those and they were the only ones, the Masons who regarded the Egyptian writing, and looked not at Moses, and the freedom from slavery, and to worship God alone, whereas they now present the visual imagery with their special FX, but instead due to their wankers ambition to be the winners, due to Moses showing visual miracles, God sent the Messiah, to write the Complete Testament, the Marvels of Space And Time, His Story, where the believer in the unseen, unravels the mystery behind the threes, and realises that in creation God's attributes of the Omniscient, the Omnipotent and the Omnipresent, are manifest, through the 3 Semitic religions, in history of humans, and 3 arts in observation of the present, and the 3 sciences in the knowledge of everything. The disbelievers claim to be of higher intelligence, and claim what the Messiah or the messengers before him, like Rashad Khalifa and the impossible to imitate mathematical miracle of the Quran. Where we learn to speak what is right, but people reject them, and so do they reject the messengers before him, like Jesus and Muhammad. The disbelievers claim to possess intelligence, with their anal or shall we say analysis, which word derived its meaning from the previous slanderous term. They are plain lies, and the speech is wrong, instead of simply saying God is good, they write flowery language about their idols. God is the Lord of two easts and the two wests.

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