The Mim Index (ebook)

The Mim Index (ebook)

Jeff Baas
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"THE MIM INDEX" by Jeff Baas It isn't murder if you're killing the right people. A computer generated "singular moment of vulnerability" determines the timing of a mass assassination of world leaders. Titans of industry, heads of state, government officials and media moguls are all taken down within minutes by long range sniper rifles. No one is captured. The prime suspect is the author of a novel that was essentially a "how to" manual. While the world spontaneously begins to celebrate, we flashback to the lead up to the event in a cutting edge adventure of intrigue and accident. There isn't time to use intelligence and reason to convince mankind to change course. The power elite are so entrenched and the idiot lemming masses are arguing with each other as they head toward the cliff of extinction. The "MIM INDEX" has a solution: Surgical assassination. When we start taking out the assholes at the top, the other assholes, will realize that, unlike the past, there are finally serious personal consequences for the inhumanity their actions create. This is the story about what happens when a "How to manual" is published. This book is fact based fiction that has links to reality. Just like in the story, publishing this manuscript will help save an old movie palace in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The true saga of this modern ruin and it's current plight is woven into a plot where the restoration of grand buildings is a metaphor for a larger theme. There are links to the music written and performed by the author's 18 year old son and the theatre web sites all of which are sub-plots int the book. The MIM index story has political intrigue, conspiracies, super computer hacking, privacy law violations, futuristic video gaming and a cast of edgy techno young adults working with their older cohorts. A strong female lead works to solve the puzzle of which she becomes an important piece. The narrative lets the reader ponder their own personal hit list.

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The Mim Index (ebook)


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