The Fire Club (ebook)

The Fire Club (ebook)

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Cole Walker, an inexperienced fire captain, is cruelly baptized into fire life when he is ripped from his air-conditioned desk job, and plunged into the command of an obstinate crew of four mischievous firefighters. Walker's book-smarts do not prepare him for tumultuous firehouse life, or the vivid horrors of his dangerous profession. Cole Walker finally realizes his life-long dream when he is promoted to fire captain, and takes the place of a highly-respected, veteran captain. Ironically, Walker has never held a command--nor even worked in a firehouse! His entire career has been safely sheltered behind the insular walls of headquarters. Rookie Captain Cole Walker painfully discovers he must lead his rebellious firefighters through predicaments he'd never experienced before. In his cathartic journey to prove himself as a worthy field captain, Walker discovers that he must fight more than fire. His firefighters despise him for his lack of experience; they quarrel and plague him with vicious pranks. A rival captain and nefarious mayor torment Walker through public humiliation, while a mirthful young coed from the Ladies Auxiliary sparks a contentious rivalry. In between station conflicts, Walker and crew are deluged with deadly fires and agonizing rescues. Walker and his firefighters struggle to survive the volatile incidents that assail them from both inside and outside the firehouse. Amid the dangers and persistent firehouse hazing, Walker must allay firefighter rivalries, survive career sabotage, mend broken people, and make command decisions that could easily kill himself and his crew. Based on real events and firehouse antics, The Fire Club is an entertaining 'must read' for any spouse, parent, in-law, child or friend of a firefighter who wants to understand the bond firefighters share and the real dangers and lunacy firefighters must contend with.

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The Fire Club (ebook)


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