Letters From Atlantis (ebook)

Letters From Atlantis (ebook)

Carol Adams
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The epic legend of Atlantis comes to life as Atlanteans realize that the third and final destruction of their island nation is at hand. They must escape; and it is essential that the Sacred Records be taken with them. It is impossible to rescue everyone. The spiritual children of the Law of One resolve to take only their followers, leaving behind their nemesis, the materialistic sons of Belial. El-ka introduces each chapter with a letter to the people of the Twenty-first Century describing her culture and spiritual beliefs. El-ka advises the world of our time as to how to we can avoid the fate of her island Motherland. Letters from Atlantis: The Truth of a Legend, is the re-creation of a time more than twelve thousand, six hundred years ago, when at the hands of humans, the ice age is coming to a close. Rising seas signify the onset of destruction for the Island Nation of Atlantis. And yet, Atlantis faces another crisis that began destroying her from within long before the sea will consume her. Subtly at first, then steadily more brazen, depraved sons of Belial have enticed spiritual children of the Law of One to join them in their pursuit of greed, lust and violence. Unity is gone. Geologically and morally, the Golden Age of Atlantis has come to its end. In secrecy, the priesthood of the Law of One plans to move only their adherents to lands of safety, leaving behind the malevolence of Belial. Men and women of the priesthood foresee that circumstances in Atlantis will be repeated in our Twenty-first Century, drawing Atlantean souls back to Earth. To prepare for that time, the Sacred Records of Atlantis must be entombed in three places on Earth. There, they await rediscovery by the very souls who buried them.

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