Guerrilla Interviewing - Closing The Sales Job You Want On The First Try (ebook)

Guerrilla Interviewing - Closing The Sales Job You Want On The First Try (ebook)

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The term "guerrilla" is traced to guerrilla warfare, which utilizes atypical tactics to achieve a goal in a competitive and unforgiving environment. It's time to apply guerrilla warfare techniques to get a sales job in the current unforgiving job market. Surviving the sales interview process and getting a job offer has become significantly more difficult due to the collapse of the housing and stock markets in 2008 and the subsequent recession. The fact is, there are fewer jobs, and more qualified candidates chasing those job openings than ever before. You have to be better at interviewing, selling yourself, and you must know how to influence the process and ask for the job using a proven process. Whether you are a proven sales rep, recent college graduate, returning military service member, or a stay-at-home mom looking to return to the work force, you have experience overcoming significant challenges to succeed in life. You don't get hired solely because of experience and skills specifically related to the job, you also get hired for the attributes and qualities learned through your unique life experiences. Sales managers and human resource departments are being overwhelmed with resumes due to the bad economy. Creative networking ideas and finding job opportunities that never get published is another key to getting the sales job you want in a tough economy. Asking for the job is often the most over looked part of the process. Selling is closing, everything else is just conversation. Guerrilla Interviewing will allow you to take control of the interview process and close the sales job you want! Now let's get started and help you close the sales job you want on the first try.

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Guerrilla Interviewing - Closing The Sales Job You Want On The First Try (ebook)


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