Depression And Natural Remedies (ebook)

Depression And Natural Remedies (ebook)

Lidia Slesar
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"Depression and Natural Remedies” exposes therapies which address specifically depression with an accent on phytotherapy. This book explains in detail issues that can trigger depression and recommends the most efficient forms of remedy. Plants have been employed in healing since ancient times. Human physiology responds best to herbal remedies as they have the highest compatibility with the body with the advantage of little to no side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine, for example, has a comprehensive approach which considers the person as a whole, whether healthy or ill. Psychology and counseling are themselves considered alternatives. These days the world confronts difficult diseases mainly due to lifestyle and diet. Conventional medicine has not always produced a viable solution to solve them. But, many forms of alternative medicine such as herbal medicine have successfully secured a place in the future. These therapies are known for their wisdom to understand the cause of diseases and to perceive the individual holistically. If we paraphrase the ancient Greek of Ascleposis of Thessaly we can say that at the beginning of any therapeutic interventions should first stand the word. The next step would be the treatment with plants. If this is not enough, a chemical pharmaceutical agent can be employed. Only when the previous methods did not work the last step is the "knife", the surgery. In case of chronic diseases, for example, there is no medical act outside the word. The "word” means clinical interview and counseling. A comprehensive clinical interview gives you information about the cause of disease and helps establish the correct diagnosis. Nowadays this order is not always respected. This book demonstrates that the reconsideration of ancient treatments and remedies based on naturally occurring substances like plants is undeniably beneficial and improves overall health.

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