The Poetry Of African Queens And Kings ( Vol One) (ebook)

The Poetry Of African Queens And Kings ( Vol One) (ebook)

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A poetic journey of ten great African Queens and Kings through the sands of time. This lyrical narrative captures the inimitable Cleopatra Selene IV of Egypt as well as the richest man who ever lived, Emperor Mansa Musa of Mali. " I am the Nile" said Cleopatra. Meanwhile the treasures of wisdom could only be found in Timbuktu,Mali. No less glorious was the phenomenal Ethiopian, Makeda, the famous Queen of Sheba. The whole of Judah marveled at her beauty and sophistication when she paid a royal visit to King Solomon. The ever lecherous King tricked the Queen into having a child with him , named Menelik 1. Solomon's winning poetry to the Queen? Come into the garden of spice/Perfect love has no price. Little known globally is the amazing story of the formidable Nzinga, the Queen of Matamba, in modern day Angola. For 30 years, in the 17th century, she fought for the independence of her kingdom and always led from the front. "Call me King" she decreed in verse. Khufu, the father of the pyramids has his say, while Hannibal of Tunisia terrorized the Roman empire. When asked " Hannibal , why do you want to destroy the Romans?" His response was " I do not wish to destroy the Romans/ I am only contesting for glory and empire. There are many more illustrious monarchs. This book, an interesting historical narrative in verse, will delight adults and children alike in its intensity and beauty. They have been set to song. Adapted from Volume One of 100 GREAT AFRICAN KINGS AND QUEENS, by the same author, there are 9 more volumes to come, also to be captured in poetry and song.

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