Our Road To Hatred--How We Raise Our Bullies (ebook)

Our Road To Hatred--How We Raise Our Bullies (ebook)

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Has anyone ever told you a big lie? Were you devastated when you found out the truth? What if it became apparent that you and I, and billions of other people, are living lies that date back 2,500 years and are affecting our children? Some ten years ago, the Human Genome Project released its results: "DNA studies do not indicate that separate classifiable subspecies (races) exist within modern humans." In other words, no person, regardless of skin color, appearance, or behavior, has enough genetic deviation from other people to classify him or her as genetically different from anyone else. White is not white, black is not black. Race only exists in a web of lies, and homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality. But that's not what we learn from our parents and educators. So where did mankind get all of its ideas of supremacy and hatred, and how does this lead to bullying? Our Road to Hatred—How we Raise our Bullies is a common-sense observation of how bullies learn to be bullies, how bullies get empowered, and how you and I enable bullying. It's a far-reaching exposé on how mankind passes down, from generation to generation, the ignorance and hatred that has led to oppression, discrimination, abuse, genocide, and more. It provides insight to the origins as well as solutions to this disturbing behavior. And in spite of science now revealing startling new information about ourselves, it also reveals why hatred and bullying still persist. Many conflicts encountered by humanity are explored. The Israeli/Palestinian morass, immigration, homosexuality, racial issues, among others, are all reduced to easy-to-understand terms, boiled down from the experts in their fields. Readers will be challenged to reset their thinking based on historical information, and new, simply-explained, scientific discoveries about humanity and how it affects raising our children.

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Our Road To Hatred--How We Raise Our Bullies (ebook)


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