A Fist Full Of Mark'Ers (ebook)

A Fist Full Of Mark'Ers (ebook)

Mark St. Cyr
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The new book available from Mark St.Cyr. 26 short straight to the point essays where entrepreneurs of all stripes will find something to take away and apply to today's turbulent business environment. Written to be concise, and easily read on your mobile device or phone. No need for one to bookmark or highlight a section like other ebooks only to forget where it was or what it related to. The articles are your bookmarks for later or future reference. I originally released this ebook in a free PDF version with the full intention for it to be downloaded and shared with as many people two weeks before the actual “for sale” version went live. Impact was more important to me than the actual sales while at the same time I wanted to prove a point using myself as the experiment. Some may think it crazy (especially other authors, and writers) to release a free version first. Maybe it is - maybe it isn't. However in this new world of breaking rules, upside down, inside out, bottom up, long tails, and every other thinking or catch phrase one can think of only one thing is certain. All of it is in flux. I'm just experimenting with a new capacitor - nothing more. Within 24 hours of its debut launch this short book had been downloaded and spread in 19 counties. It surpassed 30 within 72 hours. Here's just a sample: Singapore - India - Italy - Turkey - Spain - UK - Taiwan - Korea - Japan - Argentina - France - Greece - Netherlands - Croatia - Malaysia - Australia - Hungary - Brazil - Canada - and more. What you are now reading has circled the globe before it was even made available to purchase on sites that are considered “distributors to the world.” All without any PR blitz, social media, banner ads, spam mailings, or anything else the so-called “experts” tell you (or charge you) must be done. Also releasing it on a date these same “experts” will state is the worst time for anyone to launch anything unless you're a retailer.

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A Fist Full Of Mark'Ers (ebook)


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