The Science & Art Of Losing Weight (ebook)

The Science & Art Of Losing Weight (ebook)

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You deserve to feel good about your body. This book provides the tools to sculpt your body into a masterpiece. Losing weight is a something that so many people want, but few are actually successful. It is common for people to seek a 'quick fix' answer and there are many different products and diets out there that could actually cause you to put on weight in the long term. Having a few unwanted pounds of fat on your body can be frustrating, annoying and ultimately make you feel unhappy. It can decrease your self confidence, in turn having a negative effect on your relationships, career and daily life experience. As a Personal Trainer, NLP Coach and Gym owner, Tommy Gentleman is frequently asked by Men and Women how to lose weight, tone muscles and feel more confident. He has found that many people struggle to eat healthy and exercise in the right way in order to burn fat, mainly due to the fact that they don't understand how to lose weight. Tommy wanted to be able to provide people with something that they could read when they are ready to change their body for good. Something that would teach people to eat, exercise, think and behave in a way that produces results, and that was realistic and easy to follow. Tommy has chosen to use his expertise in Personal Training to advise about exercise and nutrition, and his expertise in NLP to advise about how your mind is essential when it comes to success in weight loss. He has put his best advice into this book. Tommy's approach is that losing weight is both a science and an art. He explains how you can lose weight and keep it off, by following his 14 tips in this book. He teaches you exactly what you have to do to be successful on your weight loss journey, so that you can reduce your waistline, increase your confidence and improve your quality of life. The information and advice in this book is presented in a way that is easy to digest and will be sure to motivate you into achieving your results.

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