Careless Caregivers (ebook)

Careless Caregivers (ebook)

Rosanna Fay
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Careless Caregivers is not a planner or guide to eldercare nor is it a diary or journal relating an eldercare odyssey. Rather, it is a short collection of true stories about one family's eldercare experience with hired in-home caregivers. Told in a blunt and humorous fashion, the book has a simple objective—to rally aging parents and their children to mentally and financially prepare for an unavoidable future. Readers will find stories that are simultaneously ridiculous, touching, appalling and entertaining, a combination that represents the reality of caring for parents who are aging-in-place. Rosanna Fay shares just a handful of her family's personal experiences with paid in-home caregivers to make a powerful point; the problem of eldercare options is far worse than most people imagine and denial is every family's biggest enemy. With her parents suddenly and unexpectedly admitted in two different hospitals located twenty miles apart, and her siblings and herself living out of state, Rosanna's family had to quickly come up with a caregiving solution. After visiting area nursing homes and assisted living facilities, they found that none of them were suitable for a family pet, let alone their parents. What became certain, as expressed by the entire family, was that placing their parents in a nursing home was not an option. Rosanna's parents were insistent that they could find a way to remain in their own home, despite the distance from their children or any relatives who could provide regular assistance. So, with her parents' mandate, she found a live-in caregiver service to provide them with 24/7 support. To avoid overwhelming readers, Rosanna has chosen just a handful of true stories about the professional caregivers hired by her family—stories that represent either the most defining moments of their experience or the most ridiculously unbelievable levels of poor care that her parents endured.

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Careless Caregivers (ebook)


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