My Guru Babaji Ramnarine (ebook)

My Guru Babaji Ramnarine (ebook)

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My Guru Babaji Ramnarine", is the first published book about my Guru. Also, its the first written experience about his teachings of Raja Yoga, his Yoga Institution "Om Tat Sat Institute of Yoga" which he created and expand in the Americas and now in India. My Guru's main message is about Raja Yoga, Gita lessons and the training of his disciples in these practices as well as his extensive experiences with the yoga and his knowledge about Raja Yoga or the king of yogas. Its also about my Guru's miracles, his many sidhis and his particular abilities to teach or adopt students in search for enlightenment and realization. The book is also my own story, how I found my guru, what I understood where his teachings, how I follow and are following it, etc. its also about the fact that you are the only one that can open or enter to this practice of yoga and find in its teachings a lot to do with yourself, your life and your decisions about how to become a better human and how to enjoy searching for Prana or the universal energy that moves everything around you including yourself. Its about searching for Prana and about finding and experiencing it. I encourage everyone to take a view to this book. First part is dedicated to the encounter with my Guru and second part is mostly about his Raja Yoga teachings and experiences. There are so many more lectures and stories to tell that if God allow I will continue my writings about my search for Prana and the importance of finding or having a Guru to advance in this search and finally get a real filing about God and the universal Prana and knowledge.

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