Finding Annie (ebook)

Finding Annie (ebook)

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Finding Annie tells a courageous story of how one woman became victorious over abuse from childhood to adulthood and God how allowed her to find her way to redemption. Millions of people are verbally, physically, and sexually abused daily. After reading this book you will have hope in knowing that there is a way of escape and there is healing from damage done in the past. Someone told me once that confusion is simply a lack of information. I was raised black but I looked white. I didn't know that my father was white. In fact, I didn't even know who my father was. My mother was black. But was she my real mother? I didn't look anything like her. She had dark skin and coarse hair, while my skin had no hint of terra cotta other than the freckles on my face. And my hair was long and straight. I have three siblings and I don't look like any of them, either. I grew up a confused bi-racial little girl searching for her identity. Who am I? And who are these people? Today, I know exactly who I am. Today, I know that I'm black. Today, I know why I suffered through the beatings, the molestations, the rapes, the denials, and the rejections of my biological father. God brought me through all of these things to end up here. There's no fairytale life here. I don't have stories of joy and of a wonderful childhood. I have memories of pain and feelings of helplessness. But at the end of it all, I have a testimony of victory. So come with me on this journey of how I found that lost little girl, Annie.

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