My Sanctuary, A Place I Call Home (ebook)

My Sanctuary, A Place I Call Home (ebook)

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Joao lives in a sanctuary called Chimp Eden in South Africa. He is the oldest known chimp in his group. He tells the sad story of how he was taken from his family and sold to a circus, ultimately to sit in a small cage at a zoo for more than 50 years. Now Joao has been rescued and lives in the Chimp Eden sanctuary as part of the Jane Goodall Institute of South Africa. After his many years in captivity, he learns that people can be good and caring. Another chimp named Cozy is also rescued and comes to the sanctuary, where Joao helps him and the other chimps to become a family. The staff at Chimp Eden give these abused and neglected chimps a life as close as possible to the one stolen away from them. This adventure for youthful readers succeeds on many levels, as it balances ecology, animal behavior and some unforgettable chimpanzees. "A truly enthralling read for young and old," – Chimp Eden Sanctuary Manager Phillip Cronje, "This is a sensitive and insightful book and a perfect guide to being in the other's place," – Animal World USA Development Director Susan McCauley, "Children love stories. This delightful book, with its captivating illustrations, tells the true stories of Joao, Cozy and some of the other orphaned chimpanzees who have been lucky enough to end up in Chimp Eden. It will help young people – and their parents – understand the dangers faced by chimpanzees in the wild and the often brutal treatment they receive in captivity. It will generate empathy and a desire to help. A perfect gift for all children who love animals." – Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace,

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My Sanctuary, A Place I Call Home (ebook)


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