A Testimony With A Difference (ebook)

A Testimony With A Difference (ebook)

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A testimony with a difference is a book that will inspire a reader to know God can deliver no matter how great the problem.It will encourage christians to live closer to Jesus and deeper in their prayer life. It is written by a British born christain of a strong Jamaican background. You will have a taste of the real distresses follow young men of ethnic origin such as Michael. Michael share his testimoney on how God heal him when he was ill which leads him to have an encounter with God. A testimony with a difference explained how Michael was born and raised by his stepmother because she could not have a child. His stepmother being a christain grew him in sunday school until he was filled with the holy spirit at 12 year olds. Michael became rude whilst he was in England by going out with bad friends that leads him to smoke drugs and sleep with different women when his dad left him on his own to visit his wife in Jamaica. Michael pick pockets on the street to feed his drugs habit until he was mad and put into hospital for treatment. He could not get better even though he was taking medication. michael steal out of the hospital and visit a near by church every Sunday to listen about God in his pyjaymas. he learnt that God is a healer and can heal every sickness and diseases, so Michael went back to the hospital and ask his mother for a bible. He stareted reading it and ask God to heal him daily. His family ask for him to be sent to Jamaica so he can be in a different environment to speed up his recovery. His stepmother agreed for him to stay in Jamaica with her. She take him to church and told him to read the bible and christain books every day and trust God for his healing. God perform a miracle in his health and he gave his life to God and seek for the anointing daily in fasting and prayer. God reveals himself to Michael in a remarkable way that changed his life for the better.

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