Beyond The Rules (ebook)

Beyond The Rules (ebook)

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No matter what the vocation or endeavor, it is the people who go beyond what is expected of them who ultimately achieve the loftiest goals.The standards for excellence sit on a much higher plane than the benchmarks for competency, and everyone makes a choice, either consciously or by default, the path they will travel. Now if you decide you are willing to pay the price for greatness, no matter what the field, it will require a vigilant effort to make sure your daily deeds align with your stated intentions. As a basketball official, if you have chosen to walk the road less traveled, then Beyond the Rules will be an invaluable guidebook on your journey to maximizing your officiating abilities and experiences. This book will also be an insightful read for conscientious basketball coaches and players who are looking for a better understanding of how the game is officiated, as well as fans looking to enhance their basketball viewing experience. Beyond the Rules is a full-access backstage pass for players, coaches and spectators into the thought process and preparation of officials who will be managing their future games. While a firm grasp of the rules is an absolute necessity for any level of officiating success, it is getting beyond the rules where the image of difference lies in making meaningful progress in such a competitive avocation. Getting beyond the rules and immersing oneself in the intangibles of game preparation and game management, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the sophisticated techniques for better court coverage, will make an official more in-demand with assignors, fellow officials, coaches and more respected and appreciated by spectators.

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