Discovering The Wonderful World Of Computers (ebook)

Discovering The Wonderful World Of Computers (ebook)

Evon Law
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Hello Teachers, Parents and Guardians: The world is situated with technology, cell phones, eBay, and e-banking, just to name a few. It is essential that our children learn how to use technology wisely. De'J Comp and Jayla are characters I created to help teach my high school students learn about computer programming. Although, some of my students still have a difficult time understanding this stuff, I haven't given up hope for the next generation of tech students. I asked myself, why isn't anyone teaching our small children about computers science? We know they can play the latest cool games, operate the computer to download the latest whatever and select their favorite movies from NexFlec. But why are we fooled in to believing that these tasks are associated with them "knowing all about computers?" Don't get me wrong, playing a game and reaching a score of 780,900 takes mad skills. However, if the he/she doesn't understand the algorithm or what an algorithm is, where is the real reward? They will forever be buying someone else's produce, instead of creating their own. So here I am, just that "someone" who is trying to decrease the deficit in the field of computer science. The objective of this picture book, "Discovering the Wonderful World of Computers" is to provide boys and girls, ages 3 -8, an opportunity to say, "Yes we Can!", start learning about computer technology. This book introduces six computer hardware categories (Memory Chips, Types of Computers, Input Devices, Output Devices, Storage Devices, and Input / Output (I/O) Devices). It is organized in six easy lessons with activities at the end of each category to strengthen and master of that category. Discovering the Wonderful World of Computers is a great introductory book for children to begin exploring the world of computer technology.

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Discovering The Wonderful World Of Computers (ebook)


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