The Keys To Health, Happiness, And Success! (ebook)

The Keys To Health, Happiness, And Success! (ebook)

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It has been called "a Cliff Notes on how to live life". Have you ever had a book that you considered to be a friend? This book can certainly be a "real friend", and a trusted companion. One you can always turn to for sound advice, quick inspiration, and thoughtful consideration. What really makes the important "difference" between people? Just two things; and only two things. How we "think", and how we "act". Formal education does very little to teach you how to live a healthy, happy, and successful life, does it? In order for you to achieve these things, you must acquire that crucial information entirely on your own! This book was written to provide you with the information necessary to "forge a victory" in your personal life. It provides you with keen insights on 100 key topics that are crucial for your well-being and success. It teaches you how to be a better parent, spouse, employee, boss, investor, money manager, entrepreneur, salesperson, negotiator, network marketer, student, voter, consumer, teacher, writer, and much more. It will also enable you to have better health, a much better attitude, improved thinking skills, and all the necessary insights on how to become extremely successful and happy. And it will help you to have a firm resolve to do so! Spend just a "few minutes a day" reading the 100 insights, in any order you wish, that will provide you with all the knowledge you need in order to achieve the life you desire and truly deserve! The person that doesn't read this book will be at a "decided disadvantage" compared to someone who does.

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The Keys To Health, Happiness, And Success! (ebook)


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