The Mis-Education Of The (2e) Twice Exceptional Student (ebook)

The Mis-Education Of The (2e) Twice Exceptional Student (ebook)

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Many school doors have been opened and the classrooms occupied; however many doors of education have also been closed. The gifted and talented program has been a household name to some families when it comes to education, especially during the 1980s. However, being gifted and talented can also have a down side. That same "bright intellectual" who is probably failing classes right now, may in fact have another serious challenge. I am speaking of the twice-exceptional student also known as the "2e" student. This, my friend is a hybrid combination of a gifted intellectual (i.e. superior range IQ or capabilities); who simultaneously happens to also have a learning disability or multiple learning disabilities. The educational problems that we are facing and embracing in today's generation were misunderstood in former years, and this has led to the mis-education of the 2e student. Many are afflicted with the struggle and war within their mind; a mind that assists on one side and delays on the other. It is imperative that people stand up and take a voice, for themselves and for their children. Send out a loud cry for equality, justice, and accommodations. The Praxis Series II on Gifted Education's Test at a Glancestates that "historically, educators concerned with providing services to the gifted have attended primarily to the dimension that most obviously distinguishes gifted students from regular students; that is their intellectual talents. The need to pay attention to gifted students' affective development is less immediately obvious and is only beginning to be recognized by educators of the gifted." With that being said "Welcome to the Disabled World of Education." Houston we still have a problem! The educational system as we know it is handicapped and limited. We the "2e student" learn differently, differently from the "normal" students and differently from the regular "special education" one label students. We must be taught right where we are.

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The Mis-Education Of The (2e) Twice Exceptional Student (ebook)


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