Finding Faith (ebook)

Finding Faith (ebook)

J.m. Lloyd
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Ashley Anderson is just like any other person born into a world of unknown situations & circumstances. "Finding Faith" is the first portion of Ashley's life as she is discovering herself, and the world around her, trying to hold on to her childhood while dealing with adult situations. Ashley could be any one of us, as her journey reflects many common struggles we all face day to day. From the day she is born, Ashley has a purpose in life. Her parents know this with their whole hearts as the watch their baby at four months old over come a life threatening diagnosis. With watchful eyes, they witness Ashley rise above the doctors' prognosis as she excels in grade school with minimal effects of her past sickness. At age 11, Ashley begins having vivid, detailed dreams, including what she feels is the passing of her own grandmother. It is at this young age that Ashley begins to keep journals of her dreams, her thoughts, and her conversations with God. As she matures into adolescence, she learns that people can be cruel and unkind on different levels. Along with the bullying & judgment she experiences in school, Ashley begins to experience more than vivid dreams, but a reoccurring dream that haunts her for years. As a teen, Ashley begins realize she is not like the other kids. She begins to isolate herself, not knowing anyone who could understand her thoughts, her experiences, her dreams. Making friends is not easy, and she finds herself in situations beyond her control. Situations that cause her to shut out the world around her all the more. Left with herself, her dreams, and endless questions to God as to why, Ashley unexpectedly finds Tyler. Allowing Tyler into her life brings along new meaning and renewed faith that God was by her side all along.

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Finding Faith (ebook)


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