Partners (ebook)

Partners (ebook)

Andy Solomon
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Twenty-four year-old graduate student and painter Mark Hollander has only a dim idea what he's looking for as he opens his apartment door that October morning, but he knows what he finds: the spritely blonde from down the hall, clearly the culprit who's been stealing his newspaper. There's a sparkle to this young woman whose self-possession and vitality allow Mark to overlook her petty theft and invite Holly McIvey to share his Sunday papers over coffee. Soon the 20 year-old runaway and the University of Pittsburgh art student are living blissfully together in a poverty only slightly relieved when Mark takes a night-time bartending job in a Shadyside cocktail lounge frequented by a colorful menagerie of regular customers, and Holly receives an unexpected windfall that enables her to enroll in college. Deep in poverty but even deeper in love, Mark and Holly marry, and toward the end of her senior year Holly becomes pregnant. Idyllic as their life together seems, Mark vaguely senses clouds approaching their world. Holly seems haunted by unvoiced childhood memories while Mark is haunted by his inability to provide adequately for his wife and child. The pregnancy itself evokes an ominous feeling that the impending changes in their lives will alter their intense but childlike joy. After they receive their degrees, their son just born, Mark and Holly realize that Pittsburgh offers little hope of a future, far less than Florida's west coast, where Mark's parents have just retired. They pack four-month-old Ben and all they own into their rickety car and head south. Professionally, Florida does indeed prove fertile, but after Holly takes a job as counselor in a women's shelter their personal lives begin to fork. They make friends separately rather than together, and Holly grows steadily distant, even as she gains more control of her life and a deeper understanding of the unspoken demons from her early childhood.

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