Behind Blue Eyes (ebook)

Behind Blue Eyes (ebook)

Ken Ryan
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This book is an anthology of several stories I've written, and sometimes published. Some are short and some are long. I feel the variety will impress any reader. None of them are auto-biographical but one shouldn't wonder where this author gets some of his ideas. Story 1, (a spoof of sorts) A young Biologists, fresh out of collage, discovers a new species of canine when on vacation. Story 2, A young man's devastating life after he meets and befriends Freddie. Hint: We all have met Freddie one way or the other. This author almost died because of his years-long friendship with Freddie; after all, with friends like Freddie, who needs enemies? Story 3, The last day of Lewis' life. (humor). This story follows a man's journey after he decided to live the last day of his life. Story 4, My name is Prudence, my name is Joan. This tale tries to depict the anguish, horror, and the loneliness a parent lives when their only child vanishes for a very long time. (very accurate; this author's daughter didn't get off the kindergarten bus one day ................. I found her three years later.) Story 5, Screamer in the morning. A young man's first deer hunt. (Not for the feint of heart.) Story 6, Strait Death. A man dies and is brought back to life by a very angry boss. Story 7, The canal. Two lovers decide to commit suicide by their favorite place, a canal. Story 8, Listen to your elders. An old woman (she's either in a mental institution or maybe an old age home) rarely shuts up. She babbles on and on as she sits in her wheel chair. Nobody listens to her but maybe they should. Story 9, Office politics. The backstabbing gets nasty but the stabber is getting stabbed and she doesn't know it. Story 10, Two ships passing in the night. Kinda cruel but exactly how people think of one another. That's it! I guarantee some laughs and tears. Thank you. K. Ryan.

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Behind Blue Eyes (ebook)


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