Discover Careers That Fit Your Style (ebook)

Discover Careers That Fit Your Style (ebook)

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Finding a job and work culture that fits you, in a company culture that matches your behavioral style, is absolutely essential to get the most satisfaction out of work. Understanding both yourself and the people around you are key pieces to this puzzle. "DISCover Careers that Fit Your Style" will provide you with helpful insights to find the combination that works best for you. Using the powerful DISC model of behavior, Roger Wenschlag zeros in on motivators and demotivators that can make or break job success and takes the mystery out of organizational culture. Whether you are looking for the perfect job, find yourself in an imperfect job, or guiding others who are, this book is a must read. A major feature of "DISCover Careers that Fit Your Style" is its informal, practical tone. Wenschlag takes a potentially complex subject and makes sense out of it through clear prose, concrete examples, and stories. And, there are many opportunities to pause for refection in the book by answering questions pertaining to your needs and experiences. This makes it easy to read and so useful for job/career search applications. You'll relate well to many of the passages. In fact, throughout the chapter on your style, don't be surprised if you find yourself saying, “That's me alright!” After a helpful introduction, the book is arranged into seven chapters: -- Chapter One introduces the concept of careers in the context of personal behavioral style, and offers a framework for making a good career or job choice -- Chapter Two introduces the background and characteristics of the DISC behavioral style model. -- Chapters Three through Six give in-depth information about people of each of the four DISC behavioral patterns – D, I, S, and C – what motivates them, what demotivates them, and the kind or jobs and work cultures that fit them best.

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