Arcadia (ebook)

Arcadia (ebook)

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Arcadia 3030 A distant, destitute planet called Arcadia was divided into two sections. On one side of the planet, are the rich people and on the other side were the poor. Arya was born into poverty. Her father was an average farmer and her mother was a former bio-geneticist. She gave up her career to be with the man she loved. She was caste out and sentenced to live out the remainder of her life in the poverty-stricken part of Arcadia. Arya's mother Angelina was offered a position to rejoin the government of Arcadia but she refused. She knew they only wanted her to create a bio-weapon for the government. Arya was secretly genetically enhanced by her mother. She was only ten years old but she was different from most of the other children on the planet. Her mother trained her to keep her gifts a secret. Arya was a quiet and shy little skinny schoolgirl. Arya turned her hand slightly and the blades followed. She then closed her eyes as the blades continued to spin at a high rate of speed. I will let my fears pass right through me, she thought, as the blades continued to spin around her head with precision. Her hands began to glow but she didn't waver. The blades made a strange whizzing sound as they continued to spin. Arya then stopped the blades in mid-flight and reversed their direction. She perfected the blade skill and no longer feared them as she opened her eyes and stopped the blades from spinning and slowly lowered them to the floor. She was still naked and she decided to go for a run in the hot sun. She exited the lab bunker and started running in the hot sand as she blazed a trail through the desert. As she ran, she thought to herself, activate laser weapon. The one-inch barrels extended from her wrists. She started to fire off rapid laser rounds. The rounds blasted up hot sand as she continued to run. Arya ran relentless without ever tiring. She focused her eyes as they extend her eyesight range up to thirty miles.

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Arcadia (ebook)


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