The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse (ebook)

The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse (ebook)

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THE BODY REJUVENATION CLEANSE is a food based detoxification and transformation program designed to transition you gradually off of unhealthy, disease causing foods and onto a higher quality whole foods diet. Detoxification in the body goes on all the time. The organs of elimination include the liver, kidneys, bowel, lungs, and skin. The liver is responsible for about 75% of the detoxification process with the additional 25% of the body's detoxification taking place in the intestinal tract, specifically by the microvilli which contain enzymes that induce detoxification. In addition, micro flora present in the gut produces compounds that help to clean the body. However, if too much bad bacteria is present in the gut and intestines, like yeast, it can actually inhibit the body from detoxifying. When the body is balanced and the flora in the gut is healthy flora, then the body can continue the detoxification process. Our organs are responsible for dealing with so many dangerous environmental chemicals, from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the foods we eat, that if we are unhealthy, it becomes difficult for the body to rid itself of these toxins. If the body is in a state of optimal health, then it can do its job, putting these chemicals through a rigorous detoxification process. Why is this process important? It's because we want our cells to be healthy and vital, not damaged or endangered. A damaged cell can lead to disease and cancer, especially if the immune system is not fully active and vigilant. Unfortunately, too few people are introduced to detoxification as a way of maintaining a balanced body and an optimal state of health. Often, they come to alternative health practitioners as a "last resort" after their bodily resources are compromised. Because we know that health problems are multi-faceted, we have to find a means to treat the whole body. This is best accomplished by diet and an overall cleansing approach.

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The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse (ebook)


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