Soul Searching (ebook)

Soul Searching (ebook)

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When we refuse to forgive, we lose a piece of our soul. But where do those pieces go? And how do we get them back? When she was eight years old, a horrible accident changed Tara Davies' life. Now, years later, she returns to Oregon, hoping to rebuild the shattered relationship with her father. But a brutal attack leaves him gravely injured, unable to answer the one question that Tara needs to ask. Her aunt Deirdre, who disappeared decades earlier, is killed in the same attack. Tara is stunned when Deirdre leaves her the family home, which has sat empty for years. For a rootless wanderer like Tara, owning a house ranks right up there with root canals and paying taxes. But she decides to stay in Oregon long enough to repair the house in spite of warnings from Lee, a tavern owner who seems to know more about the house – and Deirdre – than he is willing to admit. As Tara works on the house, she discovers that it doesn't obey the laws of physics. Doors lock and unlock on their own, a hole in the wall refuses to stay patched, and a mermaid guards a pirate's treasure. Tara's nights are filled with dreams of her family's past that border on nightmares, and strangers appear on her doorstep claiming that the house is calling to them. The final straw comes when Tara's mother mistakes her daughter for Deirdre, and assures her that the house is still guarding their secrets. Eventually, Tara has to admit that, as crazy as it sounds, the house has something to teach her – if it doesn't kill her first. Tara has to battle obstacles, both seen and unseen, to uncover the secrets that the house protects. And when faced with the ultimate betrayal, must decide what price she's willing to pay to earn - or deny - forgiveness.

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Soul Searching (ebook)


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