Liliana & Felip (ebook)

Liliana & Felip (ebook)

Adam Altman
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Three years have passed since Liliana has come back from the Guardian Realm. She is now in eleventh grade, and her life has gotten back some sense of normalcy. She has grown up into a woman of substance and intellect. She is a good student, especially in science, mainly because of her experience in the field of botany. After all, she has been the protector of a fabulous tree for many years now. In addition, she is competitive in volleyball, and is one of the leaders on the school team. Boys have also started to pay attention to her, although she is mostly oblivious to their affections. Felip, on the other hand, has had a life that is anything but normal. Still trying to remember his past, he arrives home into a forest that may or may not be where he grew up. With only the guidance of animals, he ventures into the unknown. Soon, he meets a man named Olif, who he decides to trust more out of necessity than logic. This man and his family would shape Felip's life for years to come, but the mystery of his own family haunts him. Though they now lead totally different lives in different countries, Liliana and Felip still hold a commonality that will always link them: the mission set to them at the Guardian Realm. Although life has intervened, the mission is not forgotten and would eventually shape both of their lives profoundly. In this follow up to Liliana's Summer, Adam Altman's third Liliana novel advances the lives of two people heading in different directions but likely destined to eventually find each other again. The intricacies of teenage life are explored from two different viewpoints, and the maturity of the story has grown with them.

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