Ladies Of The Day (ebook)

Ladies Of The Day (ebook)

Ginia Zenke
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This is an accidental book. Meant to be a catalogue of her Mother's shoes simply as a gift to her Mother and a keepsake, it developed by adding adding memories, quotations, anectdotes - and opinions. It is a celebration of the style of shoes that her Mother wore, and a Golden Age of shoe design, all designed to extend and flatter the graceful, natural curves of the foot and leg, and add appeal and interest, without outshining the wearers natural assets. These shoes represent a slice of the golden age of business as well, large and small, particularly in the Southeast, that developed after World War II. The discretionary spending created from textiles, tobacco, insurance, furniture and aviation was the fuel for many small businesses centered around design and the arts, as well as the creation of many museums and foundations that nurture arts in our communities long after the businesses and families have faded away. Montaldos was an iconic chain of clothing stores created, owned, and managed by five sisters which employed women and catered to women. Created in 1919, it lasted through two World Wars, the Depression, the turbulent 60's and 70's, but closed in 1995, declaring bankruptcy. The Greensboro store was its most successful and hung on the longest, but couldn't fight the forces heaped on it at the end. It is never one factor, but catalogue competition, a general relaxation of dress standards, and the beginning influx of goods not made in the traditional garment systems in America and Europe all took its toll. (Montaldo's story is being written by someone else and we look forward to reading it.) Most of the people from Montaldos are gone, but Ginia, and her mother, Virginia Zenke were priveleged enough to visit Charles Lane, buyer and head of their shoe department, in Elizabeth City, North Carolina in 2011. He talked about Montaldos, but since there is someone else working on a book about that wonderful store, this book does not delve into that.

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Ladies Of The Day (ebook)


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