Dawn Or Dusk (ebook)

Dawn Or Dusk (ebook)

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"History repeats itself" is an overused banality that warrants exploration. The cyclic nature of our societal traipsings, though ostensibly obvious, bear examination should we wish to moderate its catastrophic excursions. Ascendant and descendant paradigms are too often disguised by perturbations which, if not controlled, promote chaos and despair; that is, if they do not reverse the extant paradigmatic cycle. That we are on an ascending path seems evident; however, the too frequent downward excursions suggest the likelihood of a trend reversing change; hence the title "Dawn or Dusk" for absent a frame of reference they too are indistinguishable. Which way will we head and how can we impact our future is a dominating issue. To address this and other questions I turn to history and affirm that not only does it repeat itself, but we make the same mistakes ? time after time. The focal point of the story is the Greco-Roman world. The 5th century dominates because the western part of the Roman Empire was unable to reverse a downward trend while the Eastern Empire reversed a very negative series of excursions and prospered for another 1000 years as the Byzantine Empire. Historiographies provide a systematic recording of the past in a form that gives the impression, at least to most of us, that it is objective in its recitations, when in fact history seems better described as empathetic subjectivism, for the assembly of the presented material has been altered not only by transliterations but by attempts to favorably explain acts and remove heretical opinions. That Rome, the Empire, fell as a direct consequence of a victorious sacking of Rome, the city, by barbarians exemplifies this process. If you are to learn from history, the filter must be you and the material provided must be appropriately prepared, for to learn from your own mistakes is far easier than to learn from the actions of others.

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Dawn Or Dusk (ebook)


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