The Ad Game (ebook)

The Ad Game (ebook)

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An ad agency creative team goes up against the drug cartel, crooked politicians and U.S. undercover agents to save their account in a tropical paradise - back at the agency a power play has caused a murder and the loss of accounts that's destroying the agency. ___________________________________________________________ Truth in advertising. An oxymoron? The ad agency's island clients are trying to stick the agency's director with murder and a drug rap, and embarrass the current island regime – who are up to their necks ripping off the drug funnel. The Coast Guard boards a drug cartel ship. The explosion is seen miles away on the tranquil island beaches of tropical paradise. The US Coast Guard and the drug cartel send agents to investigate. The ad agency has to prove to the DEA, FBI, CIA, State Department, but more importantly, the world's tourists that their client's image, soul, and beaches are pure - and keep the SOBs from taking their account to another agency. If you can fool all of the people some of the time, that's generally enough. Meanwhile, a long planned secret takeover to merge three ad agencies into a billion dollar powerhouse unfolds with deadly effect. Double-crossed on a production south of the border, a producer is jailed in Mexico for three years. That account is pulled from the agency in mid production. In a fit of rage one board member causes another to be murdered. The agency sends Cinque to the island. He's a cool black creative director, and an ex-captain in the green berets - a job that just barely prepares him for advertising. A young green art director, Golden, in his first week at the agency has to help Cinque negotiate the agency's creative department's island release. They are being held as witness in the case against the agency. The agency desperately juggles to keep a smiling face to the world, prospective and current clients.

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