Good Mourning (ebook)

Good Mourning (ebook)

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God's amazing grace lifted Wendy from the dark incestuous world of severe child abuse. The author's factual account of her journey from wounded child to warrior sharing the light and joy that comes from forgiveness and healing through Jesus Christ is emotion-packed and unforgettable. Wendy describes her five goals in writing GOOD MOURNING. 1) I want to offer hope and comfort to a generation of children, adolescents, and others who are currently the victims of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse and severe trauma. I will show them safe ways to escape evil abusers. 2) I wish to reach out to those who have been victims in the past. 3) I hope to reach out to those who suspect child abuse is occurring and arm them with information on how to identify the facts and, if necessary, teach them how to intervene. 4) I desire to motivate abusive parents, family members, and others to stop abusing, get treatment, be accountable to persons in authority, and seek forgiveness (as my mother eventually did of me), so that hopefully they can be reconciled with their loved ones. 5) I want to reach out to concerned loved ones, counselors, clergy, teachers, and others to better equip them with information and resources that will enable them to be more effective in their vital roles. My sexual, physica,l and emotional abuse began when I was a preschool child and continued through high school. I was so sexualized by my parents that when I entered college, I lived primarily for unrestrained and unfulfilled sexual pleasure with men. As a logical consequence of my mother messing with my femininity and my father's failure to affirm me as a worthy, attractive young woman, I had major confusion regarding my sexual identity. Although I did not choose to have homosexual feelings, it was no surprise that a lesbian successfully seduced me. I lived for five years exclusively as a lesbian. It wasn't until I was thirty-nine that a counselor diagnosed my root problem as post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Good Mourning (ebook)


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