Encounter The Father (ebook)

Encounter The Father (ebook)

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John Wesley once said, “I had even then the faith of a servant, though not that of a son.” He lamented years of being “beaten with his own staff,” anguished by his own misunderstanding of God's place in his life. Wesley's experience of God is far too common. Too many of us who follow Jesus still cling to a shame-based relationship with God that keeps us at arm's distance and in constant expectation of His condemnation. Isn't it time we claim a more biblical image of God? Isn't it time, brothers and sisters, for us to encounter the Father as He is—as the One who loves us infinitely? How do you know God? How do you define His place in your life? Encounter the Father offers us the option to experience the Father's blessing and encounter the Father's heart. In this study, you will gain a right understanding of the Father's heart and experience freedom from shame and unholy expectation. You will explore some of the many names of God in Scripture and use them to enhance your understanding of the Father's true nature. Encounter your Father through seven weeks of daily study, journaling and prayer, and through weekly teaching and conversations with others who are on this journey with you. Discover the freedom that comes in the revelation that your heavenly Father calls you His own. You are not a servant, but a child of God.

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