How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows And Toasts (ebook)

How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows And Toasts (ebook)

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This book is for couples who want to write their own wedding vows, to express their love for each other openly, honestly, and beautifully. It is also for members of the wedding party and guests who wish to offer toasts and tributes at the many possible events surrounding your wedding day. This book leads you through a "kitchen-tested" process for writing vows and toasts and a step-by-step rehearsal process that also helps everyone deal with wedding day jitters and any fear of public speaking. We wrote this book because we want every couple to have a brilliant start to their marriage, so that they can be as happy as we have been for 36 years – and counting! Think about this: without the exchange of vows, a wedding is just a big party. You want your vows to be as special as your love for each other so that they provide the foundation for your marriage. You also want that special day – and all of the parties and events surrounding it – to be the best possible experience for all. The Best Man, Maid or Matron of Honor, parents of the bride, and anyone else who wants to offer a toast or tribute during wedding events will find here the same step-by-step writing and rehearsal processes that will allow them to confidently and beautifully speak on your behalf. You will find many inspirational quotes to help jump-start vows, toasts, and tributes, as well as a wealth of tips and good advice about how to plan your wedding day. Dr. William C. Compton, author of An Introduction to Positive Psychology, wrote about writing your vows, "This wonderful little book will help you plan vows and toasts that truly speak from your hearts. As you work with it, this book will also deepen your understanding of why you and your partner have chosen to take this path together." As Angie Commons of Premier Bride wrote about toasts and tributes, "Thanks to Carol and Robert for writing this amazing book.

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How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows And Toasts (ebook)


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