The Purpose Of Purpose (ebook)

The Purpose Of Purpose (ebook)

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The Purpose of Purpose is your divine revelation of blessings and salvation. It is intended to help God's children understand that it does not matter where you are or where you have been, but rather what you are willing to do according to God's will and purpose for your life. It is not God's will for the enemy to cheat the world out of your divine gift! More importantly, God desires that at death, your soul is returned home to Him—the One that created you. Call yourself a child of God and walk in His light and you will not have to walk in darkness or in fear, again! Call yourself a child of God and enter into His door so that you might find peace, and be safe and saved from Satan's deception! Call yourself a child of God, so that you will hear and recognize His voice when He is speaking to you and calling you into safety out of harm's way! Call yourself a child of God, so that you will pass from this life unto everlasting life with our Heavenly Father! Call yourself a child of God, so that you will trust and believe that Jesus is real and that all power is in His hands! Call yourself a child of God, so that you will seek nothing or no one other than Him for direction to His way and His truth for the rest of your life! Call yourself a child of God so, that you can discover and embrace the Father and the Son in you! Go ahead and call yourself a child of God, so that you will know that you know for sure that you are nothing without God—that you would have never been born if it were not for the mercies and grace of God!!! NO ONE CAN FIX YOUR LIFE EXCEPT GOD! Only God can heal you mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially! It is my sincerest prayer and hope that you, too will discover and prepare for a divine purpose. Each of us has a choice and the power to fight the good fight. The struggle is between a Godly spirit and worldly flesh; right and wrong; truth and lies; health and sickness; prosperity and poverty; righteousness and sin—God and Satan! .

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