Healthcare Elsewhere (ebook)

Healthcare Elsewhere (ebook)

John Cote'
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Healthcare Elsewhere is a medical tourism show that shares the success stories of medical tourism patients. Host John Cote interviews Doctors, healthcare experts and patients worldwide to help educate people about the affordable and cutting edge options available globally. Many patients find that the cost, time frame or availability of a particular procedure is too expensive or not available in their country so they travel elsewhere to get their treatment. This can range from cosmetic procedures, to stem cell and cancer treatments or knee or hip replacement surgery as examples. I have had many people ask why I created the show Healthcare Elsewhere. My wife and I have had some experience with traveling for medical care over the years. Jennifer is a two-time cancer survivor and she traveled across the country to Duke University many years ago for experimental cancer vaccines. Our children are originally from Poland; we adopted them into our family 10 years ago. We had experience dealing with several of our children's medical issues during the many months we were in Poland to facilitate the adoption. For example, our son Peter is deaf. We traveled with him for Cochlear Implant surgery twice; this technology allows him to hear, understand, and function just like any other hearing person on the planet! Technology has always fascinated me. Many of the latest medical advancements are moving forward at an ever accelerating rate and I am no stranger to the incredible benefits of these innovations. In 2012 I had stem cells implanted into my right knee to repair damaged cartilage. I can now run again and enjoy sports with my kids. We do a segment in the show called “The Onwards Medical Breakthrough” where I talk about leading edge technology and the future of medicine. My team and I love doing the research to find this information, and we hope it inspires you as much as it does us. Medical tourism provides options.

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Healthcare Elsewhere (ebook)


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